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Advantages in structure and function of carbon fiber hot press shaping machine
Sep 27, 2018

The use of carbon fiber hot press shaping machine is very obvious. It is mainly used for press forming of large-sized thin-shell sheets such as SMC composite materials, such as bullet-proof fabric fiber composite materials, and can also be used for press forming of large-sized cover parts. From the structural point of view, the main body and cylinder of the carbon fiber thermoforming machine adopt pre-stressed steel wire winding technology, which greatly improves the working stability and fatigue strength of the fuselage and cylinder, thus ensuring stable operation of the equipment under rated load. .


At the same time, the carbon fiber hot press shaping machine has independent power mechanism and electrical control system. It adopts PLC control touch screen and button two-way control. It has manual and semi-automatic working modes for selection, and the working pressure and working speed are adjustable.


In addition, it is equipped with a complete pressure display device, temperature display alarm device, counting display device, holding time setting device, etc., which makes the equipment work stable, good pressure holding performance, accurate delay and high degree of automation. Advanced composite and sheet metal forming press forming equipment.


In summary, the carbon fiber hot press shaping machine is suitable for two-layer molds, with rapid production capacity; single power, different oil circuit design, stable, quiet and low failure rate; with slow speed calibration function, more accurate calibration safer.

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