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Advantages of melamine lamination hot press
Sep 12, 2018

The melamine lamination hot press is suitable for all kinds of plates, including solid plates and multi-layer solid wood panels. In the press, the steel used has been subjected to aging treatment and the force is more uniform, so that the service life of the frame is effectively extended. Moreover, by raising the frame and shortening the design of the center distance of the press, the collapse phenomenon is easily solved, and the numerical control cutting increases the strength and fatigue life.


More importantly, in the hot pressing process of the melamine veneer hot press, the polymer inner temperature insulation board is used, which makes the pressure resistance and heat resistance index increase obviously, and the service life of the cylinder seal ring is prolonged. The machine uses a new air-cooled hydraulic pump station, the oil temperature is reduced by 10 °C, the machine is more stable, and the high-pressure energy storage device greatly shortens the pressurization time and improves the quality of the finished board.


During the operation of the melamine lamination hot press, the synchronization effect is better and smoother, the flatness of the plate is guaranteed, and the plate quality is good. Moreover, the machine is widely used, for example, it can be used for solid wood finger joint board, large sub-particle board, low density board, medium density board, plywood, thin core board and large core board, and the single-sided paste melamine dipped paper. In the face.

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