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Analysis of the Advantages of the skirting board laminating press
Jan 03, 2019

The skirting board laminating press can save a lot of manpower during use, and the work efficiency and yield are also greatly improved. The equipment operates with fast response speed and concentrated heat. It is especially suitable for workpiece welding with small spacing and fast heat conduction. The unique control system sets the heating parameters according to the process standard and can output a stable temperature to avoid overshoot.


The difference between the skirting board laminating press is also reflected in its control of the gear position. The machine can precisely control the energy and has dual PID control to ensure temperature stability. At the same time, it also has fault diagnosis and alarm functions such as temperature disconnection to prevent burning of the workpiece. It can be set for the heating temperature and is suitable for different job requirements.


For the operator, the skirting board laminating press also has a parameter storage function to meet different processing requirements. Chinese large LCD display, display a variety of content at the same time, easy to operate. In addition, it also has strong external communication functions, welding end, fault, RS-232 data communication port, easy to use for automatic welding.

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