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Analysis of the cause of the abnormality of the moulding Press
Dec 26, 2018

In the process of using the moulding Press, it is necessary to set reasonable working parameters according to the process requirements, and to ensure a suitable working environment. The moulding Press operator should study hard, master the molding technology and process, and accumulate field work experience, so that the parameters can be set independently and correctly for different environments.


Some abnormal problems may be encountered in actual production, such as workpiece and pad shifting. There are several reasons for this, such as the possibility that the workpiece is displaced during transport, and an anti-slip mat should be added to the mat. In addition, the acceleration of the transfer process can be reduced by adjusting the program of the moulding Press; if the workpiece is displaced during the pressing process, the intake speed may be too fast.


Secondly, white edges appear at the corners of the workpiece. This is most likely caused by excessive working pressure of the moulding Press or excessive operating temperature. In addition, it is also possible that the film used is not suitable for pressing such workpieces at all, or that such films are not suitable for pressing with a silicone plate at all.

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