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Composition and production steps of PVC sealing strip production line
Sep 28, 2018

The PVC sealing strip production line is an efficient production of edge band production equipment developed according to the market requirements. It can be configured according to customer needs. At present, the conventional PVC edge band production line specifications on the market have one, one, two, one, four, one, six, one, eight, etc., and are produced in the form of slitting.


The PVC sealing strip production line is mainly composed of mixers, extruders, edge banding tools, shaped sinks, edge banding tractors, winding reels, and edge banding lines. All the electrical components are branded electrical appliances. The starting motor is controlled by the frequency converter. The high-speed screw of the screw has the advantages of high plasticizing and high output. The whole production line is designed with precise connection, stable and safe to use, and high output.


When the PVC edge band production line is produced, the raw materials are mixed and extruded into the extruder. The extruded edge band is cooled and shaped by the cooling water tank, and the initial printing is carried out by the tractor. After the completion, the reel is collected and collected. The edge banding rolls are placed in the printing line for color printing, and are packaged into the warehouse after completion.

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