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Control system and connection and sealing requirements for melamine lamination hot press
Feb 08, 2019

The control system of the melamine lamination hot press is mainly to control the heating system and the hydraulic system. Its sensitivity and accuracy directly affect the accuracy of the press work. Due to the complexity of the control part, it is usually a problem that is prone to problems. Therefore, when designing the structure, the control element with higher reliability should be selected as much as possible.

For melamine veneer presses, in addition to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of their control systems, attention should be paid to the connection and sealing. The use of suitable connections and sealing elements is of great importance for heat transfer at high temperatures and pressures.

At present, the connecting pipe of the hot plate of the melamine lamination hot press is mainly a hose, which makes the connection very convenient. The gasket material is traditionally made of asbestos rubber sheet, and new materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene and wound graphite are more suitable for sealing. This will help to improve the functionality and reliability of the melamine veneer press.

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