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Correct operation of multi-layer hot press machine to reduce thickness deviation
Jan 24, 2019

In order to minimize the thickness deviation of the board, we must first pay attention to the reasonable selection, that is, to choose a suitable multi-layer hot press machine. When selecting the type, consider whether it can meet the requirements of thickness deviation, such as whether there is advanced and reasonable pressure and position control system, whether the material and thickness of the hot plate meet the requirements, and the heating medium and heating uniformity.


Secondly, the paving machine should be able to ensure the uniformity and stability of the paving. At the same time, the quality of the fiber, the water content and the weight of the slab should be controlled during the operation of the multi-layer hot press machine; the preheating press must be slowly heated according to the operating procedures to prevent the compressor air pressure and slab leakage.


In addition, maintenance work on the multi-layer hot press machine should be done to ensure continuity and stability of production. A mechanical thickness gauge can be used in the press to reduce the deviation, but the following points should be made: a. The thickness gauge should be processed with high precision, and the thickness gauge and the fiber block on the hot platen should be removed frequently. b. It is necessary to prevent the unsatisfactory slab from being sent to the press for pressure to prevent leakage of the slab.

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