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Description of the features of the hot press for carbon fiber
Nov 16, 2018

The carbon fiber hot press has advanced technology, and the pressing speed is fast and the pressure is stable in actual operation. The heating device is controlled by intelligent system. The left and right sections are controlled by one zone synchronously. The middle zone is independently controlled by one zone. The temperature is adjusted from 0 to 400 °C to adjust the automatic conversion voltage. The temperature control is more precise, and the temperature sensor is equipped to monitor the actual temperature.


During the normal operation of the equipment, the hot press for carbon fiber adopts electrothermal conversion efficiency of up to 98%, with rapid heating and uniform heating. The equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The motor and the heating tube are automatically powered off when the system is preset for 5 minutes. This function can be turned on or off. The hydraulic circuit adds a water-cooled cooling device to effectively reduce the oil temperature and ensure the life and stability of the equipment.


The carbon fiber hot press is also equipped with a counting function and a manual and semi-automatic operation mode; the pressure, stroke, dwell time and temperature can be adjusted according to the requirements of the touch screen, and the operation is convenient; the basic parameters of the production can be numbered and stored in memory, in accordance with the management specifications; The heating plate adopts the frequency conversion synchronous motor, the speed is adjustable, the operation is smooth and quiet; the hot pressing forming and the separate punching and cutting function are provided, and the conversion can be freely set.

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