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Design features of the Skirting Board Laminating Press
Aug 09, 2018

In order to ensure the performance of the equipment, the production process of the foot line hot press needs to be strictly controlled. The heat-generating plate disposed therein is subjected to the true air-conditioning quality treatment, and the surface plating treatment is not deformed for a long time and does not rust. Moreover, the Skirting Board Laminating Press heating tube is made of stainless steel electric heating wire, which is non-oxidizing, impact resistant, safe and reliable, rapid heating and long service life.


At the same time, the mechanical safety part of the Skirting Board Laminating Press is also carefully designed. The cylinder used is adjustable mechanical positioning, which can precisely control the lower limit position to ensure the thickness of the pressed product and high repeatability. Moreover, the design of the loading and unloading mold is simple, convenient and fast. The operation surface is provided with an infrared safety device, and the non-operation surface adopts an integral safety protection door, which effectively avoids the safety hazard caused by the operation. Synchronize the hands and raise the protection device.


In addition, the Skirting Board Laminating Press has lower energy consumption during standby, and the configured cooling system can effectively keep the oil temperature continuously operating at normal temperature. At the same time, the maintenance of the foot line hot press is also very simple and convenient.

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