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Door pocket laminating press use and cleaning method
Dec 19, 2018

The Door pocket laminating press is suitable for furniture manufacturers, wooden door factories, and wood-based panel secondary processing veneers. It is one of the main machinery of woodworking machinery, mainly used for thermocompression bonding furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors, Fire door surface material veneer. It can also be used for drying and leveling of veneers, leveling and shaping of colored decorative wood chips, and the effect is remarkable.


The Door pocket laminating press can be positively pressed on the basis of negative pressure, with special glue. For the processing of PVC series, its linear type and adhesive force can not be compared with negative pressure equipment, due to its high pressure and temperature. The low film pressure time is short, which solves the deformation problem when the workpiece is processed by the negative pressure device, and the deformation degree of the workpiece is greatly reduced.


The Door pocket laminating press adopts advanced electronic new product control, and can be automatically completed by adjusting the processing steps of entering, upgrading, heating, vacuum, membrane pressure, stripping and lowering. Mainly powered by oil pressure and compressed air, so there must be sufficient air pressure and gas volume. The frame is made of steel plate as a whole, and the overall structure is reasonable. The two worktables can be recycled or used separately. The vacuum can be adjusted to the first low pressure, the high pressure suction coating, the membrane pressure can reach 0.4MPa, and the product can achieve the desired effect through adjustment.


In order to extend the service life of the Door pocket laminating press, we need to regularly maintain and maintain the hot press, and often clean the Door pocket laminating press. However, be prepared before cleaning, please turn off the power; the hot pressing surface needs to be cleaned to prolong the service life; clean and check whether the connection is normal, whether there is oil leakage; check the abnormality before starting the operation every day.

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