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Door skin hot press machine selection skills
Feb 06, 2019

When using and purchasing the door skin hot press machine, not only the main technical parameters such as the size of the hot plate, the total pressure, the number of layers and the pressure of the plate surface, but also the opening, closing time, heating temperature and productivity, etc. Technical parameters to operate. At the same time, it must be determined according to different process requirements. The working process of the door hot press for veneering can be divided into five processes of closing, boosting, holding pressure, pressure relief and lowering.

From the functional characteristics of the door skin hot press machine equipment, it can be mainly divided into three major system components, namely heating system (providing heat source), hydraulic system (providing pressure and controlling the action of the press) and press body (rack ,Control section). For the user, the hot press is primarily rated and selected based on the functionality, reliability, service and price of the press.

When purchasing, it should first be selected according to the heating method. This is because the heating method will directly affect the temperature selection, process control, and quality of the processed product when the door hot press is used. Followed by the performance of the hot plate, the performance of the hot plate can be evaluated from several aspects, first the use of the plate material, then the precision of the processing, and finally the arrangement of the media holes in the hot plate.

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