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Heating system medium and control system for Wood-based Laminating Press
Dec 06, 2018

In the application of Wood-based Laminating Press, in addition to its traditional system is very important, the heating system also plays a decisive role in the work of the entire equipment, usually using steam heating or superheated water to heat the board, the former The latent heat of vaporization of steam is used as a heat source, while the latter uses the sensible heat of superheated water. When the heat in the superheated water is used up, it can be used repeatedly by heating, and since the flow rate is relatively slow, the thermal efficiency will also be relatively high. Compared with steam heating, it is obvious that the effect of using superheated water as a heating medium is better.


In addition to the high utilization rate of the heat energy of the Wood-based Laminating Press, the superheated water heating has certain advantages in temperature control, which can be adjusted not only by the flow rate control, but also by changing the temperature of the circulating superheated water as the heating temperature. s method.


The control system used in the Wood-based Laminating Press is dual-control, that is, manual operation and automatic control. When using, the press plate can be lifted, closed, pressurized, pressure-maintained and timed at the touch of a button. The whole set of procedures is lowered with the hot platen, and the operation is convenient and free. Do a good job in the maintenance of the Wood-based Laminating Press control system, which has a direct impact on the performance and effectiveness of the hot press.

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