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High-precision aluminium honeycomb panel press features
Jan 31, 2019

High-precision aluminium honeycomb panel press is a professional equipment for pressing aluminum honeycomb panels and paper honeycomb panels and enamel honeycomb panels. The products which are processed by warm pressing are light in weight, moisture-proof, durable and non-deformable. It is the best choice for pressing a new generation of ideal environmentally friendly materials. The hot plate of the machine is made of high-quality carbon structural steel, and the surface is finely ground and has high flatness.

Moreover, during the operation of the high-precision aluminium honeycomb panel press, the heat preservation effect is ideal and the temperature difference is small. The main cylinder adopts imported new type seals, no leakage, and the running resistance is small; the cylinder rising speed is adjustable; the equipment is programmable by PLC, easy to operate; and equipped with a touch screen, which can accurately display and accurately record temperature, time, pressure, etc. Production process parameters.

In actual operation, the high-precision aluminium honeycomb panel press can be used in two different processes, which are used for glue and film respectively. The bonded glass plate can be bonded by hot pressing or cold pressing. , flat, no deformation, long service life.

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