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How to check the hot press
Jun 21, 2018

In the process of using a hot press, we need to strictly abide by its rules of use, correct operation, and in daily life, we also need to pay attention to strengthening the management of machinery, can not be placed in the debris, often Check the oil level of the bearing housing, and regularly inject or replace the lubricating oil. In this way, it can reduce the phenomenon of wear, and it also requires regular inspections and lubrication of the liquid level control mechanism to ensure its operational flexibility. If it is not flexible, it must be timely. The maintenance of the replacement, only to comply with these principles, then in the use of the process to meet people's use requirements.

In the working process of the hot press, it is also strictly prohibited to avoid illegal operations. Operators must strictly follow the standard operation, and do not fatigue operations and drink operations.

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