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How to choose a suitable wood-based laminating press?
Aug 01, 2018

In the current market, various wood-based panel products are widely used. As a kind of important equipment for the pressing process, the wood-based panel press is often used for pressing and forming artificial boards. Its production capacity and technical performance restrict the production scale and product quality of the enterprise. inferior. So, how to choose a wood-based panel press that suits you?


First of all, when selecting the wood-based laminating press, we should ensure that the lifting surface meets the specifications of the processed products. In fact, for this series of presses, not only the main technical parameters such as platen size, total pressure, number of layers, and plate surface pressure, but also other technical parameters such as opening, closing time, heating temperature and productivity, etc., should be considered. Process requirements are determined.


Usually, the wood-based laminating press is heated by means of pressing, and its working process can be divided into five processes of closing, boosting, holding pressure, pressure relief and lowering. In general, wood-based presses are rated and selected primarily based on the functionality, reliability, service, and price of the press.

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