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How to solve the heat reflow problem of hot press
Jun 21, 2018

The products of hot press manufacturers are indispensable equipment for sheet production. It has a very important role. If the hot press itself has some problems, it will not only affect its own service life, but also affect the quality of the sheet.

The problem of hot-press back flow is a serious problem in the use of hot presses. To solve the phenomenon of heat back-flow in hot presses, the first step is to ensure that the hot-press plate has the same flow rate, which is to keep the hot-press normal. Then, the smoothest one is placed on the bottom of the hot press and then placed on the highest layer. The top and bottom two layers of the hot press should be insulated with asbestos. This prevents the hot press from overheating and is damaged. Finally, in order to achieve the best flow rate for the people, the heat-pressing plate in the compartment must be controlled separately.

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