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Introduction of carbon fiber press lamination molding process
Nov 15, 2018

Carbon fiber press is a device for pressing carbon fiber board. Carbon fiber composite material is based on light weight and high strength, and different molding processes and pressing methods are adopted according to the difference of application objects. Give full play to the special properties of carbon fiber.


The carbon fiber press can be processed by a laminating process. During the pressing process, the layer-by-layer prepreg is placed between the upper and lower plate molds to be heated and solidified. This process can directly inherit the production of wood plywood. The method and equipment are improved and improved according to the rheological properties of the resin. The laminating process is mainly used to produce composite sheets of various specifications and different uses. It has the characteristics of high mechanization and automation, and stable product quality.


During the use of the carbon fiber press, the actual heating rate is available to the user. Among them, the titanium alloy indenter specially used can ensure the average temperature. The machine has a fast heating and long service life under normal operating conditions; the indenter is specially designed with horizontal adjustment to ensure the average pressure of the components; the temperature is numerically controlled, clear and precise; There is a digital pressure gauge that presets the pressure range.

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