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Introduction to moulding press operation
Aug 02, 2018

In actual work, when we operate the moulding press machine and make parameter settings, we should adjust the parameters appropriately for different processing products according to different working environments. As a molded operator, we should study hard, master the molding technology and process, and accumulate field work experience, so that each parameter can be set independently and correctly for different environments.


In order to ensure the quality of the molding of the moulding press machine, first of all, we should choose high quality medium density sheet. Especially when high-gloss pressing is applied, high-quality MDF sheets should be selected. Second, high quality glue should be chosen. Before the film is applied, it should be ensured that the glue is even. However, in the case of high gloss filming, the thickness of the glue layer at the corners of the substrate should be slightly increased under the premise of minimizing the thickness of the upper surface adhesive layer.


In addition, the process parameters of the moulding press machine should be set according to different films and plates. In general, the deeper the groove of the sheet, the greater the degree of irregularity, and the higher the pressure and temperature required for pressing. However, if the temperature is too high, the film may be damaged.

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