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Introduction to the configuration characteristics of multi-layer veneer press
Aug 06, 2018

The multi-layer veneer press can be used in furniture factories and wood-based panel secondary processing (professional veneer) factories. The multi-layer veneer hot press is used for hot-pressing and bonding household panels, heat-sealing bonding of building cuts, wooden doors or security doors, and heat-pressure veneering of various artificial board facing materials.


At present, the multi-layer veneer hot press is not only advanced in technology, but also has many advantages, such as good hot pressing effect, stable operation, fast closing, energy saving and high production efficiency. The hot platen is made of high quality carbon solid steel plate, which has high precision, high strength and durability. The design of the work surface is reasonable, allowing the user to achieve convenient and free operation.


The heating system of the series of multi-layer veneer presses has excellent design, low energy consumption, good uniform heating effect and adjustable temperature. The hydraulic system configured is adjustable in pressure. The hydraulic cylinder is processed by precision CNC machining and adopts imported oil seal without oil leakage. Automatic control, complete the whole process of platen rise, close, pressurization, pressure holding, timing and platen lowering with a single push of a button

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