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Introduction to the performance advantages of the door pocket laminating press
Aug 13, 2018

Regardless of the complexity of the shape of the door cover, the surface and side fit can be completed at one time by using a high-quality door cover hot press. The veneered product has elegant decoration, rich pattern, no color difference on the surface, high smoothness, waterproof and moisture-proof, firm bonding, smooth and bright without the need of paint after veneering, saving paint cost and labor, and shortening the production period.


Moreover, the door pocket laminating press has a wide processing range and is suitable for different substrates. Moreover, the device adopts digital display automatic control technology, which is easy to operate and has high automation. The vacuum technology is used to double the airway, the air performance is stable, and the workpiece yield is high. The machine workbench adopts frame type steel frame structure, which effectively improves the vacuum degree and is durable. The exchange table can carry more than one box of veneers to achieve multi-purpose use.


The operation of the door pocket laminating press is also very safe and reliable, for example, the key components of its electronic control system are especially made of materials with high temperature resistance and high insulation. At the same time, the unique far-infrared constant temperature heating system is adopted to save energy and save time and electricity. The heating is uniform, thereby reducing the deformation, wrinkling, degumming and the like of the product.

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