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Main composition and structural characteristics of short cycle lamination press
Feb 01, 2019

The short cycle lamination press is mainly used in the processing of particleboard and fiberboard, which plays a certain decorative role. Short-cycle laminating machines are mainly made up of presses, deckers, pallet trucks, unloading trucks, heating systems, hydraulic systems, hot oil and secondary circulation systems, temperature control systems, hydraulic oil cooling systems, steel stencils, heat conduction. Pad, cold plate frame, etc.

The main part of the press of the short cycle lamination press mainly includes a three-phase asynchronous main motor, a cylinder and the like. The heating system is mainly composed of a hot oil furnace, a burner, a circulation pump, and a temperature control valve. Check if the heat transfer oil is sufficient before starting to achieve the purpose of circulation and control the air entering the system; before starting the pump, there should be sufficient oil in the pump to prevent damage to the bearing and mechanical seal, and close the discharge valve when the motor speed is normal. Open the drain valve.

The hydraulic system of the short cycle lamination press needs to adjust the lifting speed of the hydraulic valve irregularly according to the actual situation. The press mainly uses a secondary circulation in a pipe of heat-conducting oil for precise temperature control. In this process, the first temperature is controlled by the heat transfer oil, the second time is controlled by the temperature valve, and when the second temperature is insufficient, the supplementary heat transfer oil is turned on for control.

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