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Main structure design of glue making equipment
Nov 29, 2018

In the main structure of the rubber making equipment, all parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel. The structure of the frame can adopt the gantry type double column hydraulic lifting structure, the upper one-line type transmission box, the built-in bearing seat, the oblique sealing cover, the lower barrel, the barrel locator and the base. The stirring device has a long and short shaft structure, and the lower middle portion is a dispersing disc, an upper push type, and a cross mounting.


The sealing structure of the rubber making device adopts a slant cover design, and the barrel is sealed with a dovetail groove type with a d-shaped special apron, and the strip is positioned with the barrel. An electric heating layer is arranged outside the reaction vessel of the main equipment, and an ultrasonic generator is arranged at the bottom of the outer wall of the electric heating layer, a steam layer is arranged at the top of the reaction kettle, a motor is arranged at the top of the steam layer, and a stirring shaft, a stirring shaft and a motor are arranged at the bottom of the motor. Axis connection.


Through structural improvements, the rubberizing equipment not only achieves efficient production, but also improves the quality of the finished product. In addition, by providing weighing sensors and valves, it is advantageous for intelligent and precise control of the amount of material to be fed, and avoiding manual operation errors. By providing a steam layer, it is advantageous to heat and dry the inner walls of the first pipe and the second pipe end to avoid drying. The pollution affects the quality of the next material processing.   

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