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Main use and product characteristics of short cycle lamination hot press
Aug 27, 2018

The short cycle lamination hot press is an ideal veneer flat-pressing product. It is widely used in door panels, wood floors, furniture panels and can meet different specifications of veneer veneers and double-sided veneers of different panels. The function of in-and-out conveying is completed, the hot pressing temperature is high, the time is short, the charging is convenient and flexible, and the veneer quality is good.


The short cycle lamination hot press can automatically adjust different temperature and pressure and pressing time. The charging can be selected from automatic and manual functions. For example, the automatic loading and unloading system can significantly improve the work efficiency and reduce the efficiency. The workload of the workers.


The short-cycle laminating hot press can be used not only for thermocompression bonding of furniture panels, but also for pressing various decorative materials and various wood-based panel surfaces; and for flattening and flattening of veneers, leveling of colored decorative wood chips, Shape, etc., to meet the processing requirements of different customers.


The short cycle lamination hot press adopts the PLC program control system, which is easy to operate. Because its electric heating device has low power and high temperature, the working speed is fast, the hot pressing time is short, safe and reliable; The blank is completed, and the defects of surface seaming and overlapping due to manual charging are largely avoided. In addition, in the production process of short-cycle laminating hot press, its process parameters are wide in adjustment range and the control process is designed reasonably, which can meet the process requirements of various veneer production.

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