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Main working device and starting operation of short cycle laminating hot press
Jan 23, 2019

The short cycle laminating hot press is mainly used to strengthen the process of decorating furniture panels and floors. Laminate flooring, also known as impregnated paper. Laminated wood flooring refers to one or more layers of special paper impregnated thermosetting amino resin, paved on particleboard, high (medium) density fiberboard and other wood-based panel substrates, with balance paper and front on the back. Wear-resistant layer, hot pressed, hot pressed molded floor.


In the application of short-cycle laminating hot press, the main working devices include: press, planking, loading, unloading, heating system, hydraulic system, hot oil and secondary circulation system, temperature control system , hydraulic oil cooling system, steel formwork, thermal pad, cold plate frame, etc. The press adopts a three-phase asynchronous main motor, a cylinder and the like.


It should be noted that before starting the heating system of the short-cycle laminating hot press, you should pay attention to check whether the heat transfer oil is sufficient to achieve the purpose of circulation and control the air entering the system; before starting the pump, there should be sufficient oil in the pump. In order to prevent damage to the bearing and mechanical seals, and close the discharge valve, the discharge valve is slowly opened when the motor speed is normal; when the thermal system is turned off, the heat source is turned off first, and the circulation pump is stopped until the oil temperature is cooled to about 50 °C, otherwise the system heat energy Can not be converted faster, causing damage to the device.

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