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Mold temperature cooling method
Jun 21, 2018

The cooling mode of the mold temperature machine is divided into direct cooling and indirect cooling. The indirect cooling method uses a cooling circuit separate from the main circuit, whereas the direct cooling mode directly participates in the main circuit. Water-cooled mold temperature machines usually use direct cooling. The oil-carrying mold temperature machine, because of the heating process, water and oil can not be mixed together, so all use indirect cooling method, and its practice is usually plate-type exchanger for cooling.

High-temperature water transport mold temperature machine is usually used above 160°C. Therefore, the internal main line circulation is high-temperature steam. At this time, the internal line pressure is relatively large. If direct cooling is used, external water pressure is required to be greater than the internal pressure. The main pipeline pressure can enter the main road cooling. This method is easy to residual danger, so high temperature water type mold temperature machine also uses indirect cooling.

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