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Multilayer laminating hot press inspection and operation
Dec 28, 2018

In the inspection work before the Multilayer laminating hot press is started, it is necessary to strictly follow the operation process to ensure the continuous and sufficient supply of the material of the hot press, and avoid the operation failure caused by the defect of material supply. Secondly, it must be noted that the pad, the pad, the hot plate and the upper plate must be cleaned first. Also check whether the accumulator nitrogen pressure, fuel tank oil level, transmission part slip condition and electrical equipment operation are normal.


Then turn on the power and start the low-pressure pump. After the multi-layer veneer reaches the required working pressure, open the steam valve, heat the hot plate, and open the return valve to remove the condensate. Open the transporter so that the shim receives the slab. Adjust the time relay and pressure gauge and open the piston spray valve.


After the pad and the slab are loaded into the Multilayer laminating hot press, the relevant motors of the hydraulic system are operated, and the solenoid valve switches and the time relay switches are turned on, and the press is started to start boosting. If automated operation is required, the corresponding automatic control switches are turned on; if manual operation is used, the rise, depressurization, and holding pressure should be performed according to the process requirements. After the hot press cycle is over, the buck valve is turned off.

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