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Operation mode and charging protection device of car interior parts press machine
Nov 01, 2018

Car interior parts press machines are mainly used for press forming of automotive interiors when used, and to some extent, they can also be used for pressing of plastic materials, such as bending, flanging, and sheet stretching. The automotive interior presses have a very unique hydraulic system and electrical system, and are controlled by buttons, which can be adjusted and semi-automatic. The working pressure and working stroke of this series of hydraulic presses can be adjusted according to the process requirements within the parameters.

The car interior parts press machine presents a square shape with novel shape and beautiful appearance. The power system adopts advanced two-way cartridge valve system integration, compact structure, reliable action, convenient adjustment and maintenance, and high degree of generalization. It is suitable for press forming, trimming and blanking of interior parts.

The car interior parts press machine is mainly controlled by imported PLC. The auxiliary of the product is linear displacement sensor and pressure sensor detected by the slider stroke. It is displayed on the industrial touch screen to set the stroke, speed, pressure and comprehensive of the slider. Time and other parameters. The hydraulic control adopts the advanced cartridge valve integrated system, with large flow and stable operation. It also has pressure overload protection function. The upper limit of the slider has a safety bolt structure, and a charging protection device is installed in front of the workbench.

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