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Plywood hot press composition requirements and operation methods
Oct 31, 2018

The hot press machine for plywood is one of the main equipments in the plywood production process. It is used to heat-glue the glued slab. Different types of plywood have different requirements on the performance of the press: ordinary plywood, aviation plywood, The pressure required for the manufacture of plastic veneers, wood laminated plastic sheets, and marine plywood increases in turn. The plywood hot press is divided into two types according to the operation mode: the periodic multi-layer hot press. It consists of three major components: the hot press body, the control drive section (hydraulic system and electronic control system), and the heating system.

The plywood hot press needs to check the heating, lubrication and transmission of each motor, reducer and bearing every 4 hours. Whether the stroke switch and pneumatic components work normally. Every car board should pay attention to observe whether the accumulator charging is normal. Always pay attention to whether there is any jamming between the pressure plate and the beam and the frame when the press rises. If it is necessary to remove the fault in time, always pay attention to whether the work of the drawbar is normal, whether there is the possibility of loosening, and the friction surface of the lower beam wear plate should be dealt with each shift. Add lubricant once.

The slab, tray and wool board of the hot press machine for plywood must not stay in the press for too long, so that it can effectively avoid the fire. In case of power failure, the press should be manually pushed down, the press should be lowered, and the press should be launched. Hairboard. Each slab enters the installation and must observe whether there is any possibility of damage to the pallet.

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