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Plywood veneering hot press performance characteristics
Sep 03, 2018

The plywood veneering hot press is the main equipment used in the production and processing of plywood products. The equipment is mainly used for hot pressing and gluing the slab after the glue is combined. In actual production, different types of plywood have different requirements on the performance of the press: the pressure required for the manufacture of ordinary plywood, aviation plywood, plastic veneer, wood laminated plastic board, and marine plywood increases in turn.


At present, more applications in the domestic market are periodic multi-layer hot presses. Depending on the mode of operation, there is a continuous type in addition to the periodic type. It consists of three major components: the hot press body, the control drive section (hydraulic system and electronic control system), and the heating system.


The structural design of the plywood veneering hot press can meet the hot pressing requirements of different plywood, the hot pressing system heats up quickly, the heating system and the heat conducting system are lightly and carefully segmented, the heat consumption is low, the heat conduction is uniform, and the mechanism is reasonable. The precision of the processing of the parts is high, the process parameters are adjusted in a wide range, and the control process is designed reasonably.

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