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Precautions for choosing skirting board laminating press
Dec 14, 2018

When selecting the baseboard hot press, the main parameters of the press should be determined according to the main direction of the enterprise product. The production line of the main thin plate should be a shorter press length and a faster production speed; the production of the plate is The main press has a longer press length and a lower production speed.


The structure of the base platen of the baseboard hot press is very critical. Although the pre-press has compacted the slab, there is still air in the slab, and the slab is not vented to the lower surface, resulting in small venting. The fiber mass falls on the steel strip, which requires a special platen inlet structure.


The hydraulic system of the baseboard hot press cylinder can adopt the proportional valve system and the open and close valve system, each of which has its own characteristics, but it is better to use the proportional valve system in the high pressure section and the open and close valve system in other areas. The temperature of the platen of the baseboard hot press is relatively high. When using the heat transfer oil, try to choose a reliable synthetic heat transfer oil, and do not use mineral heat transfer oil.

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