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Precise control and adjustment of the moulding Press system
Dec 07, 2018

The moulding Press is matched with the unwinding feeding system, the product discharging system, the discharging system, etc., and constitutes the moulding Press production line, which can realize fully automated production. The actual tempo of the production line can reach up to 35 pieces per minute, with one-button mold change function, and the replacement time of the whole line only takes 5 minutes. At the same time, the whole line is equipped with a general console, which can complete the automatic whole line operation on the main control station, production information input, display, parameter setting, whole line process information storage, download and other production management functions.

The moulding Press is controlled by advanced control system, which can precisely control the two front and back worktables. At the same time, the whole system is integrated with the production management system. A system setting touch screen is installed on the right front pillar of the press, and the press can be set on the press. All control operating parameters.

The moulding Press is mainly divided into three parts, namely, the upper, middle and lower parts. The first part is the top seat. The main motor, the clutch and the slider brake, the balance cylinder and the top seat are installed above the top seat of the equipment. The distribution valve; the second part is the working plane, mainly equipped with a slider, equipment control panel, console, two worktables, four support columns, lubrication guides and so on. The closed double-point mechanical press is used to control the operation of the press through the upper drive and the opposite drive. The mechanical structure of the drive is an eccentric gear, and the fine adjustment of the slider adopts the main motor to achieve fine speed adjustment.

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