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Press molding machine performance and configuration
Feb 13, 2019

The upper and lower templates of the press molding machine have good parallelism and are easy to use. The control box of the machine can be separated from the fuselage, and is suitable for vulcanization molding of rubber molds of various ornaments and handicrafts. The molding machine comprises a base and a fixing platform. The fixing platform is arranged above the base, and four guiding pillars are arranged between the two, and an lifting platform is arranged between the base and the fixing platform. The lifting platform is sleeved on the guiding pillar and driven up and down by the cylinder.

The lifting platform of the press molding machine is sleeved on the guiding pillar and moved up and down by the cylinder. The upper part of the base is provided with a lower mold, and the lower part of the lifting platform is provided with an upper mold, and the wet blank is placed in the lower mold and pressed under the upper mold to complete the molding. The lower mold is provided with an intake passage for absorbing moisture.

The main control box is also arranged in the press molding machine, and the main control box is provided with a control circuit and a suction and suction device connected to the machine body. By adding a blowing pipe, the mold is easier to be removed, the instability of the manual lifting is reduced, and the setting of the suction passage is made to make the product more dry and the finished product is better.

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