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Press molding machine use and structural composition
Sep 13, 2018

With the development of the market, the press molding machine has been specially designed to improve these structural requirements. The machine adopts hydraulic pressurization, master cylinder movement, mold movement, mold floating, lower mold lifting and other technologies. The loading and unloading speed is fast, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.


The characteristics and uses of the press molding machine:

The machine has the function of automatically maintaining a constant temperature during use, and the upper and lower stencils have good parallelism, the slow pressing makes the die surface not shift, and the quality of each component is reliable, ensuring durability. The machine is currently widely used in various types of jewelry, handicrafts, alloy toys, service parts, rubber mold vulcanization molding and hardware, surface case, glasses, luggage and leather goods industry molding.


Introduction of the composition of the press molding machine:

From the perspective of structural composition, the machine is mainly composed of a frame, a main cylinder, a hydraulic system, a mold car and a control cabinet. The molding machine is mainly used for disassembly and assembly of the mold, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

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