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Press plate instructions and packaging transportation requirements
Nov 30, 2018

The Press plate is a high-tech product integrating precision machinery, optics, chemistry, heat treatment and other technologies. Proper use and maintenance of the Press plate will keep it in top condition for maximum effectiveness. Usually, in the manufacturing process, the stainless steel template will be created according to the product name, specifications and requirements, and the number will be created.


When the Press plate is shipped from the factory, special packaging boxes are used. When packing, it is sealed and moisture-proof. During the transportation process, the packing box should be laid flat and fixed. It is strictly forbidden to stack heavy objects and damage the template. Before unpacking, the user should check whether the packaging is intact and whether the packaging plastic is damaged. Operators should wear clean leather gloves or gauze gloves in every step of unpacking, shipping and installation. At the same time, use 3-4 layers of gauze to hold the palms at the four corners of the template and lift them at the same time. It is strictly forbidden to drag or crash and damage the template.


The new Press plate used for the first time should use clean gauze, wash the detergent with hot water, clean the surface, rinse, wipe the water, and dry. When installing, install in the order of the cushion, the upper template, the lower cushion, and the lower template.

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