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Process requirements for the hydraulic system of the skirting press machine
Feb 07, 2019

The hydraulic system of the skirting press machine should perform two basic tasks: one is to apply pressure to the workpiece, and the other is to drive the hot plate to achieve a specific movement. The stability of quick closing and holding pressure is an important indicator for evaluating the performance of hydraulic systems. Since the heating and curing of the glue should be completed during the pressure-holding stage, the fast closing speed is beneficial to both the process and the efficiency.

On the one hand, it can reduce the heating of the slab under non-pressure to effectively control the occurrence of undesirable phenomena, on the other hand, it can prevent the pre-curing of the glue and reduce the quality of the veneer. Moreover, the auxiliary time can be shortened and the productivity of the baseboard press can be improved. In order to make the press open and close smoothly, mechanical synchronizing devices are generally provided or synchronized by the hydraulic system.

In the hydraulic system of the skirting press machine, the hydraulic cylinder is one of the core components. Since the hot press usually requires a fast opening and closing speed and is subjected to the impact pressure, the cylinder must select a material of higher strength. For ordinary small-diameter, long-stroke hydraulic cylinders, seamless thick-walled steel tubes can be used. Casting or forging cylinders are available for some of the most demanding cylinders.

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