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Processing technology and design requirements of sliding rail moulding press
Nov 07, 2018

In the process of operation, the new type of sliding rail moulding press is mainly a special shoe-making equipment that combines vulcanization, pressing and forming of the sole. It has automatic program control function, advanced and reliable hydraulic system, and can realize automatic constant temperature and automatic release. Gas, automatic mold release, self-control time. Due to the use of mechanical linkage mechanism to ensure the vulcanization process of the shoe, there will be no phenomenon of mold increase, glue opening and degumming.

The new sliding rail moulding press machine die-cutting process is the most commonly used process for packaging printed matter. When used, it is combined with a die-cutting knife according to the design requirements of the product to form a die-cutting plate. Under the action of pressure, the printed matter or It is a molding process in which other ring blanks are rolled and cut into desired shapes or cuts. The indentation process uses a crimping knife or a crimping die to press a line mark on the sheet by the action of pressure, or to use a rolling wheel to bend and shape the main process board of the die cutting machine at a predetermined position. Generally, the die-cutting indentation process is a process in which a die-cutting cutter and a crimping cutter are combined in the same template, and a die-cutting and indentation processing is simultaneously performed on the die-cutting machine, which is simply referred to as die-cutting.

Process introduction of new slide rail molding machine

The main process of die-cutting indentation is: upper plate → adjust pressure → determine the rule → paste substrate auxiliary material → test die-cutting → formal die-cutting indentation → stripping → finished product winding or cutting into pieces → point packing.

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