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Product description and application advantages of the testing hot press
Dec 20, 2018

The tonnage of the testing hot press ranges from 200 tons to 450 tons, and the table size is 500*500 or 600*600. It is mainly used for laboratory development and can simulate various pressing conditions. The pressure of the testing hot press can be self-adjusted, the temperature can be controlled and optional cold-in and cold-out hot platen can be pressed to suppress various shades of wood grain, or various high-light plates.


The main frame of the testing hot press is subjected to aging treatment after welding, which eliminates internal uneven stress and significantly improves the service life of the press frame. The stress concentration of the press is milled out by the CNC machining center, and the surface is smooth, which increases the frame strength and resistance. Fatigue ability; the insulation pad replaces the epoxy resin board, and the pressure resistance and heat resistance index are obviously improved, thereby prolonging the service life of the oil cylinder.


In general, the testing hot press has a small footprint and a self-contained heating system compared to other similar devices; and the integrated design of the touch panel makes the user's control more compact and convenient, which is more conducive to obtaining specific test results.

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