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Production efficiency and flow time of carbon fiber moulding press
Nov 02, 2018

The carbon fiber moulding press is divided into three stages of flow, gelation and hardening in the carbon fiber molding process. The first two stages of operation determine the fluidity and flow time of the molding material, which can guarantee the preconditions for the quality of the molded product. The final stage is the key to grasp the deformation of the product.

The control of the temperature at the time of molding of the carbon fiber moulding press mainly refers to the selection of the mold temperature, the temperature increase rate, the molding curing temperature, and the holding time. Molding temperature: refers to the temperature of the mold when the material is placed in the mold cavity. It mainly depends on the type of material and the quality index of the molding material. Generally, when the mold material has a high volatile content and the insoluble resin content is low, the mold temperature is lower. If the structure is complicated or large, it is difficult to mold, the mold temperature should be lower, and the mold can be controlled at room temperature. Increasing the mold temperature can shorten the production cycle and increase production efficiency. The mold temperature depends on the type of material.

The molding pressure of the carbon fiber molding machine mainly refers to the horizontal projection surface of the product, and the pressure per unit area, the molding pressure is also dependent on the type of material, and the structural shape of the equipment and the structure of the product are related to the structural form of the mold. . For example, the molding pressure of the phenolic molding material is generally 30-50 MPa (300-500 kg/cm 2 ); the epoxy phenolic molding material has a molding pressure of 5-30 MPa (50-300 kg/cm 2 ). For products with complex structures and thick wall thickness, the molding pressure should be appropriately increased.

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