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Short cycle laminating press for flooring operation inspection and shutdown operation
Feb 15, 2019

In order to ensure the quality of production, during the operation of the short cycle laminating press for flooring, it is necessary to check and adjust accordingly according to the actual situation. It is usually required to adjust the control time of the time relay appropriately according to the thickness and quality required by the board. At the same time, you should pay attention to the steam pressure and the temperature of the hot plate, check the pipeline for leaks, and pay attention to the temperature of the hot plate after the water is squeezed.

With the operation of the floor short cycle laminator, the staff also needs to carefully check whether the pressure, pressure and pressure reduction of each stage of the pressurization process meet the pressure and duration of the process, and adjust the relevant mechanism in time.

After the end of production, the floor short cycle laminating machine equipment should be shut down in time. Usually the stopping operation is to prepare the slab from the forming machine, and when the finalizing machine sends the last batch of slabs into the hot press, the loading machine and the infeed conveyor are stopped. After the hot press unloads the last batch of plates, stop the oil pump motors and close the steam valve and the water spray valve. When the unloader unloads the board, stop the unloader and the pad conveyor and turn off the main power switch.

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