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Short cycle lamination line scope and characteristics
Aug 03, 2018

For the time being, the short cycle lamination line is mainly applied to the surface decorative surface of MDF, particle board and plywood, and is especially suitable for the veneer of furniture board and laminate flooring. Applicable patch materials for short-cycle veneer production lines include melamine impregnated paper, aluminum oxide wear-resistant paper, and paint paper.


The short cycle lamination line not only has stable and reliable performance, but also has a wide range of applications, and it can obviously shorten the production cycle. And advanced technology, using PLC control. The main production equipments include: hydraulic lifting platform, sheet cleaning machine, belt conveyor, double-sided coating machine, dish conveyor, panel storage rack, belt conveyor, disc-type conveyor, backboard storage rack, belt conveyor , short cycle veneer hot press and belt conveyor.


From the overall structure analysis, the short-cycle veneer production line structure design is reasonable, saving space, and the short-cycle veneer production line is convenient and quick to install, equipped with variable frequency speed control system, high production efficiency and convenient maintenance.

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