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Short cycle lamination press
Sep 06, 2018

The short cycle lamination press works by applying a certain amount of pressure on the surface of the multilayer material so that the materials are tightly pressed together. The difference is that the conditions of the press are different depending on the purpose of the lamination. When the short cycle laminator is turned on, the upper and lower heater plates of the machine begin to heat up to prepare for hot pressing.


When the temperature reaches a certain condition, the multi-layer material can be closely adhered, followed by the heat preservation and cooling process. If it is to be made into a multi-layer board, the inner layer board can be completed according to the above requirements, and the pre-cured sheet and the copper foil can be completed, wherein the prepreg sheet functions as insulation and reinforcement. In actual operation, the first is to input the correct program, board length, board width, and number of boards according to the engineering specifications.


Then, it is to check whether the temperature, oil pressure and other process parameters of the short cycle lamination press are set accurately. After confirming the hot plate temperature, the steel plate to be pressed is sent to the press. After the hot pressure rises, check the pressure setting value, the actual pressure value, the temperature setting value, and the actual temperature value. After the hot pressing is completed, the hot plate is automatically lowered, and the steel plate is taken out and sent to the cold press to start cold pressing. After the cold pressing is completed, the pressure plate is automatically lowered to complete the pressure cooperation.


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