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Start-up and automation requirements for multilayer laminating hot press
Dec 13, 2018

Before the start-up, the multi-layer veneer press can reach the process requirements, and then effectively maintain the supply. The lower surface of the pad on the device is cleaned, and the surface of the hot plate is cleaned. During the process, the pressure of the accumulator is normal, the oil level of the fuel tank is normal, the transmission parts are well lubricated, the operation is normal, and the electrical equipment is normal.
According to the process requirements, the multi-layer veneer hot press can effectively adjust the time of the machine and the position of the upper and lower hands of the pressure gauge during the operation, and start the oil pump motor and the plate feeder. The slabs of the blanks are successively entered into the loading machine.
When the multi-layer veneer press can require automatic operation, it is necessary to effectively open the corresponding automatic control switch. When performing manual operation, it will effectively raise and lower the pressure and pressure according to the process requirements, and the hot press cycle ends. When the step-down valve is turned off. After the unloader pulls out the backing plate and the reconstituted wooden board, the slab is loaded again to start the second hot pressing cycle.
Check and adjust during operation, adjust the time of the time controller according to the thickness and quality required by the reconstituted board, check the heat transfer oil pressure and the hot plate temperature, whether the pipeline has oil leakage, and pay attention to the speed at which the hot plate temperature rises after closing.

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