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Steel wire winding technology and display device of plastic filter plate moulding press
Nov 08, 2018

The plastic filter plate moulding press is mainly used for press molding of SMC composite presses, composite materials and other large thin-shell plates, such as metal cold press forming, fiber composite materials, and can also be used for press forming of large cover parts. .

The main body and cylinder of the plastic filter plate moulding press are prestressed steel wire winding technology, which greatly improves the working stability and fatigue resistance of the fuselage and cylinder. This ensures that the equipment works stably under the rated load. This machine has independent power mechanism and electrical control system. It adopts PLC control touch screen and button two-way control. It has manual and semi-automatic working modes for selection, working pressure and working speed are adjustable.

The plastic filter plate molding machine has a pressure display device, a temperature display alarm device, a counting display device, a dwell time setting device, and the like. It has stable working performance, good pressure holding performance, accurate delay and high degree of automation. It is a more advanced press-forming equipment for heat exchanger plates and sheets.

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