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Structural composition and application of short cycle lamination line
Dec 27, 2018

The short-cycle veneer production line is currently mainly used for furniture board veneer, wooden door veneer and building material veneer. The short cycle lamination line is composed of a series of production equipment, including: hydraulic lifting platform, sheet cleaning machine, belt conveyor, double-sided coating machine, dish conveyor, panel storage rack, belt conveyor, Disc-type plywood transporter, backboard storage rack, belt conveyor, short-cycle veneer hot press and belt conveyor.


In fact, the application range of short-cycle veneer production lines has been gradually promoted, especially with the changes of modern consumers' decorative consumption concept, which has been widely used in decorative panels, ceilings and furniture for the main purpose of gorgeous panels and plastic surfaces. Decorative panels, etc., due to a series of special chemical and mechanical processing on the wood-based panel substrate, it has obvious improvement in appearance, strength, durability, moisture and moisture resistance, thus expanding the scope of use and improving Use value.


That is to say, the short-cycle veneer production line has been widely used by virtue of its superior performance, and the machine can effectively enhance the use value of the artificial board and increase the added value of the artificial board.

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