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Structural composition and performance of gas mold temperature machine
Nov 22, 2018

The gas mold temperature machine is a kind of heat energy conversion equipment, which is mainly used for heating and heating of molds, templates and other production processes. The Gas Mold Temperature Machine is a new type of mold temperature machine with natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas as fuel. It has a leading position in the field of mold temperature machine manufacturing with the advantages of novel design, advanced technology and stable performance.


From the structural analysis, the gas mold temperature machine is mainly composed of two parts of the combustion chamber and the heat exchange device. A fully automatic CNC unit is arranged at the front upper end of the machine, and a high-performance burner matched with the combustion chamber is arranged at the lower end. The whole machine forms a complete circulation system through the oil inlet pipe and the oil return pipe, the valve oil pump and the oil separator.


Compared with traditional equipment, the new gas mold temperature machine has stable performance, high thermal efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect. It is a new generation of products in the field of mold and formwork manufacturing. In actual production, the choice of mold temperature depends on the nature of the material, the size and shape of the product, the structure of the mold, and the control accuracy of the mold temperature machine.   

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