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Structural design features of car interior trims press machine
Feb 14, 2019

The car interior trims press machine is mainly used for the forming of automotive interior trim items. Simply put, the car interior decoration press is specialized in providing interior manufacturers with automotive interior parts, such as car roofs, insulation mats, carpets, coat racks, trunk lids, car wheel covers, etc. Automotive interior presses are known in the press industry for their high precision, power saving and automation.

In the production of interior parts, automotive interior decoration presses need to provide stable and precise temperature for the interior molds, ensuring the stability of each batch of products in terms of flexibility, color and quality. Usually, this special pressure belongs to the hydraulic press. The structure is divided into four columns and two structures. The fuselage adopts finite element structure analysis and optimization design, and the structure is reasonable.

This type of automotive interior trim press features a multi-cylinder construction that helps keep the large countertops evenly pressurized. The hydraulic system is controlled by an integrated cartridge valve that is sensitive, reliable and leak-free. The PLC-controlled electrical system is reliable and flexible. The hydraulic internal circuit and the upper limit locking mechanism of the slider are also provided in the interior decoration press of the automobile, and the safety performance is good.

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