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Structural parts and pressure control of particle board lamination press
Oct 19, 2018

The particle board lamination press is literally understood as a mechanical device that presses a plurality of materials together. Its structural system mainly has a loading and unloading system, a heating system, a pressure system, a protection system, and generally has three or more Hot plate, which is one of the special production equipment for particleboard.


In the particleboard laminating machine, the heating element is a stainless steel electric heating plate wrapped around the outer surface of the sealed container. After the electric heating, the electric heating plate generates heat, and the heat is transferred to the water in the container to raise the temperature. The pressure system consists of pressure transmitter, pressure control instrument, booster pump, manual valve, pneumatic valve, etc. Its function is mainly to detect the pressure inside the sealed container and convert the pressure value into a standard signal of 4~20 mA. , transmitted to the signal input of the pressure control instrument.


The key to the laminating process of the particle board lamination press is the pressure control. The higher the pressure, the better the product quality. Therefore, the pressure rise of the particleboard laminating machine is required to be flat, the pressure control precision is high, the constant pressure time is accurately controlled, and the product is uniformly pressed in all directions.   

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