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Temperature and pressure control of the door pocket laminating press
Jan 04, 2019

The door cover hot press is mainly used for the veneer processing of the door cover. The shape of the plate surface can be changed according to the style of the door mold, and the press has a reliable synchronous closing device. The electrical control system adopts PLC programmable, and the pressing time and pressure are displayed by the touch screen setting. The door cover hot press is easy to operate and stable and reliable.


Simply put, we can think of the door cover hot press as a temperature that can heat two parts of the solder which are pre-welded with good flux enough to melt and flow the solder. After curing, it forms between the part and the solder. A permanent electrical and mechanical connection device. According to different products, the heating rate can be selected. The titanium alloy indenter ensures an average temperature, fast heating and long service life. The indenter is specially designed with a horizontal adjustment to ensure that the components are pressured evenly.


During the working process of the door cover hot press, the working temperature can be accurately controlled, and a digital pressure gauge is also provided. The user can set a suitable working pressure range according to the work needs during operation.

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