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Test press control system
Aug 15, 2018

The control system is an important part of the test press. That is to say, the operation and performance of the test press are often based on its control system. In order to ensure the stable operation of the system, the electrical system components are strictly selected and the quality is stable and reliable. Moreover, in actual processing, thickness control without thickness gauge can be realized.


In different operation processes, the hot pressing process of the test press can be appropriately adjusted and applied to different hot pressing processes. The user can split the entire hot pressing process into no more than 30 segments, and each process can be arbitrarily set. Moreover, the pressure can be well controlled within the full pressure range, and the control accuracy is 0.2mpa. Especially in the low pressure section (0-2mpa) is equally excellent.


In addition, the design data of the test press can be saved and read separately to protect your work results from being stolen by others. In addition to the temperature of the hot platen, the test press can also record the workpiece temperature up to 9 points in the working process in real time. The boosting and depressurizing speeds are adjusted according to the setting, and the heating rate is adjustable.

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