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Test range, structural composition and performance advantages of the test press machine
Aug 30, 2018

The test press machine is mainly used for the development of laboratories. Its tonnage ranges from 200 tons to 450 tons, and the table size is 500*500 or 600*600. It can simulate various pressing conditions and is suitable for testing and testing in different industries. Customize different small countertops and various pressure tonnages for use with test samples.


For the time being, the test press machine can be used for hot pressing or cold forming of wood-based panels, fireproof panels, reconstituted wood, and reconstituted bamboo, and can also be used to press melamine impregnated paper, PVC, veneer and other facing materials. On the fiber density board, or aluminum honeycomb composite board, carbon fiber board composite.


The test press machine includes the main body of the press, hydraulic control system, electrical control system, heating and temperature control system and safety protection device. Its pressure, temperature, time and other parameters can be automatically controlled, and optional cold and cold. The hot plate can be pressed to suppress various shades of wood, or various high-gloss plates.


The test press adopts the touch screen operation mode, which can realize the curve display, setting and export of the process parameters. At the same time, the surface of the hot platen is finely ground, the flatness and smoothness are good, the temperature uniformity is high, and the test press has a small footprint. With its own heating system, the control is more concise and convenient.

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